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Some of us have been involved in the professional dance field over the past 30 years and have experienced monumental changes during this time. From the famous choreographies of Martha Graham, one of the pioneers in Modern Dance to the development of Contemporary Dance, the latest Hip Hop styles of a new upcoming generations of dancers, through to the amazing changes that the teaching of Ballet in the past two decades is undertaking in shifting towards a more contemporary approach.

As a dance teacher in a full time job the biggest challenges are to stay constantly updated in the dance scene and find enough time for preparing your classes. Even a small class room choreography takes hours of movement research and selecting the appropriate music – and this in a constant manner.

Inspiration for new material, choreographies, moves and enhancing your pedagogical skills, all involve travelling to one of the major dance centres, be it London, New York, Vienna, or ………!

Dance notation, writing down the choreographies belong more and more to the past and when attending  dance workshops today, we can watching the participants, many of them running their own dance schools, trying to record the classroom combinations with mobile phones. The choreographers accept that their creative material will be used, after all that’s what a workshop is there for, knowing that they would have no further benefit than being paid for that one workshop presented.

All this changes led us to develop DanceNextStep®, with you can look, learn, rewind, dance, practice as often as you want, in your space, your time. And even though we do not earn the necessary rights to play the music, we are providing links to online services where you can listen to or buy the music the choreographies were created to.

DanceNextStep® offers tutorials, online pedagogical courses and a video dance library to teachers allowing choreographers to choose what they want to share and being rewarded with an affiliate program over a long time.

Not just that, in future we intend to expand this site to a platform where dancers can showcase their skills to the dance industry and where you can download music created by composers especially for dance classes.

Times have changed; dance is global – online!


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