Jazz Dance combination #0341
Detailed Information

This uptempo Jazz combination created to the music “Sax” from Fleur East from Jörg challenges coordination and speed! We slowed down the tempo for you on the explanation video so you can get the details before trying it in the original tempo. Enjoy!!!

Teacher/Choreographer: Jörg Götze

Dancers: Jörg Götze, Claudia Schläger, Manuela Morhart, Isabel Grill von Gaffron, Sonja Probst, Eva Maria Hornung, Amelie Weinzierl

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We apologize that we cannot stream the music soundtrack to which this choreography was created on our website as we do not own the necessary rights to make the relevant musical works and sound recordings available to the public.

For a number of choreographies we have provided links to online services where you can listen to the original soundtrack or an extract of it, or where you can purchase it for download.

“Sax” – Fleur East

The original soundtrack can be found at, amongst others:


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Jörg Götze