Partnering- attitude wrap lift #01405
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This lift has no real name but Katrine and Sophie call it the “attitude wrap lift” as the legs of the person lifted are bent and he/she is really “wraped around” the person lifting.

Teachers/Choreographers/Dancers: Sophie Amalie Munch  and Katrine Nylander Holmsnaes

Dancers: Katrine Nylander Holmsnaes and Sophie Amalie Munch

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We apologize that we cannot stream the music soundtrack to which this choreography was created on our website as we do not own the necessary rights to make the relevant musical works and sound recordings available to the public.

For a number of choreographies we have provided links to online services where you can listen to the original soundtrack or an extract of it, or where you can purchase it for download.

Sophie Amalie Munch, Katrine Nylander Holmsnaes